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Artikel von Dominik Santner in European Planning Studies veröffentlicht

Dominik Santner hat Ende August 2017 seine Promotion am CRIE erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Sein Artikel "Cluster-internal and external drivers of cluster renewal: evidence from two German agricultural engineering case studies" wurde nun in "European Planning Studies" veröffentlicht. Der Artikel ist Teil seiner kumulativen Dissertation zum Thema „Clustererneuerung - Komplexe Prozesse in zwei Agrarmaschinenbauclustern Nordwestdeutschlands“ und ist unter diesem Link abrufbar.

Abstract: The question on how regional clusters renew themselves and start a new cycle of prosperity is of vital interest for affected companies, politicians and regions. Recently, the idea of renewing clusters has been conceptualized within the cluster life cycle (CLC) literature. CLC approaches generally assume that cluster renewal is widely driven cluster-internally through agent capability building processes and the systemic utilization of novelty. Critique from other authors highlights the neglected role of the external environment in the CLC literature. This article sheds light on renewal processes in two German agricultural engineering clusters. It is shown that in the case of a farm trailer cluster renewal can be widely explained cluster-internally, while in the case of a stable technology cluster that diversified into the field of biogas technology, internal factors played a less significant role and much of the development was driven externally by political decisions on the national level. Possible explanations for diverging roles of cluster-internal and external factors lie in the differences in the stage of the novel technologies’ development and the complexity of the novel technology.


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